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Searching for Clipping Path Services can be a bane. Choosing one an even bigger one! But what if we say that you are on the right track with Clipping Path Asian! We provide the following services:

• Clipping Path • Retouching

• Masking • Enhancing • Cropping

A carefully edited image can help improve your marketing strategy. We treat your photos like work of art. That’s why we deliver quality service every time. With customized packages you are going to love working with us. All you have to do is let us know the exact turnaround time along with instructions regarding a specific image.

Our Skills

  • PhotoShop 95%
  • InDesign 80%
  • Illustrator 85%
  • Corel Draw 85%
  • Lightroom 90%

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I apply for a trail job?


    Yes you are eligible to apply for a free edit info job if you are looking to have work done in bulk and would like to simply check the services offered by us.

  • What sort of files do you accept?


    We accept any file, be it JPG, TIFF, PSD, EPS or RAW. But basically we recommend JPG files as it saves time if the final need or requirement is fine with the format. Feel free to send us in any format you are comfortable with.

  • Is there any min. order requirement & your payment mode?


    The minimum amount is $5.99 for each order. But we assure you that all orders, be they big or small receive the same attention. We consider all businesses important. We accept PayPal.

  • What if I am not happy with the completed picture?


    We can assure you that this is not a common occurrence. Our highly professional designers make sure they churn out quality work every time. If this is an issue you can let us know and we will edit the work without charging extra money.

  •   1. Clipping Path
  •   2. Cut Out Service
  •   3. Deep Etching
  •   4. Image Masking
  •   5. Image Manipulation

Clipping path refers to a closed vector path which can be used to cut a 2D shape in graphic editing software. Whatever lies outside the path is omitted and whatever lies inside is chosen to be used in another setting. Getting an accurate image using a clipping path often requires expertise on the part of a graphic designer. The product is clipped from its original path and placed in a setting which enhances it and makes it more visually appealing to the target audience. A more sophisticated form of clipping path, multiple clipping path technique is best left to the experts. Most graphic designers also refer to it as color gradient, color grading or colored path. This technique can help to separate the colors from any image and make it appear clear, indistinct or obscure. It works great for advertising fashion designer stuff and is often used in booklets, brochures, magazines and leaflets.

Clipping path services are offered by graphic design companies which employ people to procure images using the clipping path technique. These companies offer services like photo manipulation, simple photo editing and a more expert kind of technique known as masking. Clipping path services offered by Asian countries are comparatively cheaper than those offered by any other companies. Clipping planes are used in 3 D graphics to inhibit the renderer from manipulating the surface at an excessive distance from the viewer. The plane is always perpendicular to the camera and takes into focus the entire viewport. Most graphic designers use the technique of fogging to help soften the sharp planes of clipping path technique and make it appear more realistic.

Deep Etch is a Photoshop process where a section of the given photograph is removed so that only the desired area or object remains. This is useful in adding backgrounds to a photograph or in any other way you desire. To create the perfect etched object in a photograph, there are various method that we employ to ensure the results are perfect. One of the method is to use the eraser in eliminating the portion of the photograph that you do not require and the other is to use the pen tool. In the pen tool method, the photo graph is deep etched to separate the only part that is required. Whatever may be the method, we at ClippingPathAsian, provide results that is nothing but the best.

Imagine masking is a practice where 2 or more images are fused together or in other words kept on top of each other to get the desired effect. The end result can be of different types.With this image masking, we can hide the sections of images that you want to hide and add another layer on top of it. One such example is this. 2 photos with 2 different persons can be masked on top of each other in such a way that the result will look like both the persons are together in picture provided that one person’s area doesn’toverlap with another in the photograph. To eliminate the area that looks fake, other masking processes are also applied. We at clipping path Asian provide you with ideal result of the photos that you want to image mask together.

Image manipulation is a method that will let you transform you picture in any way that you wish. For instance, you can change your skin tone in a picture or add any graphic item so that the image looks perfect. The main use of the image manipulation process is in the fashion industry where the pictures of the models are to look perfect. This process is also used in journalism where the images are to be manipulated to look ideal on a printed paper. There really is no extent as to the possibilities of photo manipulation. You imagine it and we at clipping path Asian will turn it into a reality.